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Introducing Lea Blackwell, M.D. Board Certified General Surgeon, Fellowship Trained Breast Surgical Oncologist

Lea Blackwell, M.D. Breast Cancer Specialist


Dr. Blackwell specializes in breast cancer treatment and monitoring high-risk patients for evidence of breast disease. As a breast surgeon, she strives to make her patients as comfortable as possible. Notably, the Blackwell Bra emerged from her goal to offer a truly supportive post-op garment. Additionally, Dr. Blackwell has been certified in the Hidden Scar Surgical Technique, a program that focuses on improving cosmetic outcomes for patients while preserving outstanding oncologic results.

Originally from Panama City, Dr. Blackwell attended the University of Florida, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in zoology in 1996. She then attended Louisiana State University Shreveport Medical School where she received her medical degree in 2002 and completed her surgery training at Louisiana State University in New Orleans in 2007. Following her surgery training, Dr. Blackwell traveled to Washington, D.C. to complete a surgical breast oncology fellowship at Washington Hospital Center in 2008. She is board-certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery and has been working in the Fort Myers community providing surgical care since 2008.

  • Member, American College of Surgeons
  • Member, Society of Surgical Oncology
  • Member, American Society of Breast Surgeons
  • Member, American Society for Clinical Oncology

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Meet Her Team: Ellen Poage, APRN, MPH, CLT-LANA

Nurse Practitioner & Lymphedema Specialist

Dr. Lea Blackwell takes a team-oriented approach to care, working closely with nurse practitioner Ellen Poage, APRN, MPH, CLT-LANA. Ellen is a highly skilled nurse practitioner with extensive expertise and an evidence-based approach to treating lymphedema. Her collaboration with Dr. Blackwell is aimed at improving early diagnosis and prevention of lymphedema for breast cancer patients in Southwest Florida. She also sees patients with lymphedema from other causes like melanoma, head and neck, gyn surgeries, primary lymphedema and lipedema.

Drawing on her extensive training in various therapeutic modalities, such as vibration, cupping and microcurrent point stimulation, Ellen works with patients to reduce swelling, fibrosis, and pain, while improving range of motion after surgery. Her educational background includes a degree in acupuncture from the University of Miami and a specialization in auriculotherapy, which Ellen incorporates into her practice. Her passion for helping patients achieve optimal health is unwavering. 

Because lymphedema is often an overlooked complication of surgery and radiation, Ellen works tirelessly to improve patient outcomes and their overall well-being. She is a dedicated advocate for lymphedema management and research, having written several journal articles on the subject for organizations such as the Oncology Nursing Society and the American Lymphedema Framework Project. She is also involved in local initiatives, such as advocating for compression garment funds through Lymphedema Resources, Inc. She also travels to Washington D.C. to advocate for the Lymphedema Treatment Act, a bill aimed at securing Medicare funding for compression garments.

Ellen Poage, APRN

Ellen Poage, APRN, MPH, CLT-LANA

SWFL Partners with Precision

Dr. Blackwell is honored to serve the breast cancer care community within Southwest Florida. She provides compassionate care for her patients, enhancing cosmetic outcomes while pursuing exceptional oncologic results in every case.

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